The Bowler
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Developed in England during the 19th Century, this “chapeau melon” style quickly replaced the top hat as the go to topper for Everyman. While the bankers, financial wizards, doctors, lawyers and professionals sported their top hats and frock coats as a uniform, through the Edwardian era, the rest of the world took up the Bowler shape as a proper solution to their more relaxed wardrobe. Charlie Chaplin gave it his stamp for the Little Tramp’s iconic ensemble, and thus carried it into the 20th Century.
Done in a lightweight toquillo straw, our Monticristi Bowler , for men and women, adds a touch of panache while protecting your pate from the heat of the sun.

Grade: 14
Size: Large
Brim: 3''
Crown : 3,5"
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